Online Slots

Modern online slots come in a variety of designs. Learn here about the principles of playing slots online. Find your favourite online slots.

What are Casino Slots?

A slot machine gets it’s name, “slot”, from the hole where a coin is inserted
in order to play. Once a coin is inserted, the player pulls down on the handle,
or with modern slot machines, just pushes a button. Then the wheels inside the
machine begin to spin, and if when they stop spinning, the alignment of the icons
on the wheels is just right, there will be a payout from the chute at the bottom
of the slot machine.

Slot machines are hugely popular at land-based casinos and at the online casinos.
The reasons for their popularity are several:

  • No need to interact with other people,

  • The amount bet is private to you,

  • Frequent small payouts,

  • Sometimes million dollar jackpots.

Who Invented the Slot Machine?

The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1887. Fey
spent many months trying to build a slot machine based on the casino card game of
poker, but it would need to have 52 ‘cards’ per wheel which was too many combinations
and too many payouts. Fey, instead, settled for three wheels with images of:

  • horseshoes,

  • diamonds,

  • spades,

  • hearts,

  • and a Liberty Bell.

Fey then named his slot machine The Liberty Bell and instead of selling them, he would
place them in establishments and split the ‘take’ 50-50 with the store owner. This business
technique made Fey a rich man very quickly!

How To Win at Canadian Slot Machines

Slot machine payouts are based purely on luck as the winning combinations come from a computer chip
inside the slot machine that picks numbers at random. However, the classic three reel slot machines
are the simplest to play and it is commonly said that they offer the most frequent payouts. Some
people just enjoy putting their coins in the slot machines and watching the reels spin. Other people
are looking to WIN only. If you are one of those that wants to win often, you could look for the online
slot machines that brag of a 98% payout. That means that the machine pays out 98% of whatever it takes in.
If the players before you lost $100, just for example, that means that the machine will be paying
out $98 sooner or later!

What Are The Most Popular Slots in Canada?

According to polls taken across several Canadian online casinos, some of the most played slots are:

  • Halloween,

  • Jurassic World,

  • Moby Dick,

  • Booster,

  • Beowolf,

  • Legends New York,

  • and 888 Dragons.

You can find these ‘most played’ Canadian slot machine games just by checking out our reviews pages.

Slots Free Spins, Free and Real Money Play:

The online casino industry is one of the most competitive industries online and that’s why you will
see lots of promotions for free spins at the slots. Even if you don’t see a free spin promo, almost
every slot game contains some “Scatter Symbols”. When a few of these symbols show up on your reel, they
trigger free spins or even bonus rounds!

A few Canadian online casinos that we have reviewed that offer free spins are:

  • 10Bet

  • Mr Green

  • William Hill

  • CasinoCom


  • Lucky Nugget

  • Betway

Most of the above online casinos also offer free play slots which means that a player can
play the slot machine getting a feel for it and if they like it, they can switch over to
real money play. Of course, playing for free means no real money payout. But playing for
free in a real online casino is a great way to get the thrill that comes from a spin of
the reels and an occasional WIN!