Minimum Deposit Casino

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What is a Minimum Deposit Casino?

When you visit an online casino and you decide to play any of their games, you first need to create an account with that website and deposit some money into your account. As you place bets, the bet amount will be withdrawn from your account balance. Many online casinos offer a very low minimum deposit in order to encourage sign ups and these casinos advertise themselves as minimum deposit casinos.

Many Canadian online casinos offer a very low minimum deposit. Some allow a minimum deposit of just 5 CAD. At certain times of the year and during special promos, you might find a Canadian casino offering a minimum deposit of just 1 CAD. This is a great feature of these casinos because it gives a new customer a chance to try the casinos games without a large financial risk.

Typical Minimum Deposits:

More than likely, you will find that five Canadian dollars is a standard minimum deposit among Canadian casinos. The next lowest minimum deposit would be ten CAD. Some people ask why casinos don’t offer a minimum deposit even lower? Well, the main reason is the casino’s transaction fee. Whenever, a casino accepts a payment from any payment processor, such as:

  • credit card,
  • debit card,
  • Paypal,
  • Skrill,
  • or other e-wallet,

there is a fee. These small fees can add up and ruin the casino’s profit line.

Another reason for the minimum deposits not being smaller is that it would not allow for the bonuses, such as, free roulette wheel spins or extra slot plays just for signing up. The bottom line is that the casinos want to offer a new customer a fair chance to get into the action and try their games while at the same time not losing their own shirt on a sign up deal.

Why are Minimum Deposit Casinos So Popular?

Minimum Deposit Casinos are immensely popular online because the minimum deposit is offered to new customers and those new customers are not sure that they will enjoy a casino’s various betting games until they try them. Keep in mind that some
online casinos provide dozens and dozens of variations of of their games. For example, the slots at one casino might be entirely different than a previous casino site that a new customer has seen. Also, the poker games that are provided have dozens of variations.

And, of course, there is no money back guarantee that you will like the games when signing up at an online casino and unlike a brick and mortar casino, you can not just walk around for an hour checking out all the games. Online casinos have ten times and maybe one hundred times as many games as a brick and mortar casino. We have seen some online casinos with more than 12 variations of just blackjack!

How to Find Minimum Deposit Casinos:

Finding good Minimum Deposit Casinos should be relatively easy since most of them are desperately trying to promote new signups; the minimum deposits for each of their games should be right on the casinos’ homepage.

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