Minimum Deposit Bonus

What is a minimum deposit bonus, which Canadian online casinos offer the best minimum deposit bonuses and how you as an online casino player can benefit from them.

What Is A Minimum Deposit Bonus

Almost all online casinos give a signup bonus when a new customer signs up and deposits
some money and some of the bonuses are quite generous offering, just for example, $50 just for signing
up with a $20 deposit. A minimum deposit bonus is a bonus given even when the new customer
signs up with just $1 or whatever that casinos minimum deposit happens to be. These bonuses vary,
of course, depending on:

  • the particular casino,

  • the current minimum deposit,

  • holiday promotions,

  • and other special events.


You might wonder why an online casino would just give away bonus money? It’s simple:

  • The bonus money attracts new customers,

  • The bonus money is not withdrawable,

  • The bonus money encourages a player to stay at their casino.

For people new to online casinos this may seem odd, but you need to agree to accept bonuses
during the signup. This is because any bonus money in your account is treated differently than
your actual winnings when the time comes for you to withdraw money from your account. In some cases,
you will need to keep playing until your bonus money is used up. This is because the bonus money
is not withdrawable. See the rules regarding bonus money for more information.


Which Canadian Online Casinos Offer The Best Minimum Deposit Bonuses

We found a few good ones here to get you started:

  • 10Bet

  • Mr Green

  • William Hill

  • CasinoCom

  • MansionCasino

  • Lucky Nugget

  • Betway


Minimum Deposit Acceptable Payment Methods

Each online casino has it’s own policy of acceptable payment methods, but most
of them will accept the following:

  • MasterCard,

  • Visa Card,

  • American Express,

  • Debit Card,

  • Skrill,

  • Paypal

  • Neteller

  • Bank Wire

You will just have to check with each individual casino to verify that they accept whatever
payment methods that you want to use.

Are My Deposits Safe?

Yes. Your deposits are very safe with online casinos. Many online casinos transact as
much money as a local bank down the street from you everyday. Online security is every casino’s
number one, top priority. Casinos are staffed with security specialists that are computer
engineers and also from the law enforcement industry. Each transaction is fully
encrypted using the latest encryption technology. Your private information and your payment
information is always safe!

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A Welcome Bonus is a major attraction for new customers. The Welcome Bonus is a matching
amount of money based on your first deposit, if that deposit is enough to qualify. For example,
some casinos offer as much as 400% Welcome Bonus so if your first deposit is $100, the casino
would credit your account with a total of $500. This is a great way for new customers to try
the online casinos various games considering that some online casinos have hundreds of variations of
the traditional games. Of course, that bonus money can not be withdrawn, it can only be bet.
However, having bonus money is like placing bets for free and the winnings from those free bets
are your to keep.

What is Casino Bonus Hunting?

A bonus hunter is a gambler that is focused on finding bonuses of any type. Whereas everyone
appreciates the ‘free play’ of a bonus, the bonus hunter spends most of their time just hunting
for bonuses. They sometimes will signup at dozens and dozens of online casinos in order to obtain
a good bonus. Some of these bonus hunters even use special software that searches via Google,
Yahoo, and Bing for the bonus promotions. All of this behaviour is legal, but the casino management
will not be too thrilled with it and some casinos might impose some sort of restrictions on
a bonus hunter.