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The tradition of engagement in games of chance stems from the natural inclination of human beings to counter the rationality of their lives by relying on sheer luck. With the development of civilization the proportion of unplanned and unpredicted in our lives falls making it ever more attractive. Achievements of technology allowed us to respond to this natural call by creating easy to use and convenient online gambling facilities.

Casino Games History

Since the natural human inclination to play game of chance comes from deep and universal psychological traits it is no surprise that we have evidence of such gambling developing in most primitive societies. Yet it is only with the arrival of the property concept that completely recognizable pattern of games which redistributed material items among players emerges. No wonder that first records about “casinos” come to us from Egypt, Rome and Ancient Greece.

The history of formalized “casino” as we know it today may be traced to the Ancient Rome in pre – Christian days. Albeit not named that way, special establishments intended to provide a shelter for gamblers and supported by dedicated personnel existed then. Later demise of monetary system, reduction of property transfer options and general simplification of formalized transactions meant that this practice (already seen as unacceptable by Church) was restricted. Yet in XVII century Venice the extent of gambling meant that authorities were forced to create a Ridotto – which in fact is the first modern casino.

Late XX century changes in technology, emergence of new ways of cheap computing and communicating meant that casino – style games could now be run without any physical infrastructure and real estate facilities. The next major step in the development of this sort of games was development of electronic payment systems – the stage was finally set for online casino appearance. The variety of games typically available through a single online hub could now reach 2-3 hundreds, which include old favorites improved by addition of new features as well as modern (so called “linked-jackpot”) games.

We offer you an option to play a wide selection of popular and well – known games, including the roulette, slot game, pocker, baccarat and blackjack. All these are delivered to you in convenient online form and can be played with real money stakes which creates quite unique gaming experience.

Blackjack is probably the oldest casino games currently played. It involves a dealer. The aim is to come as close to 21 limit in hand without going over the limit. The name of the game is derived from the top winning combination which includes Ace of Spades and a Black Jack. The variation of the game are plenty and include BlackJack Switch, Progressive and Duel. You need to expedite some care when selecting you play options since rules do differ.

Craps is an unusually high-end and somewhat complicated game, which have really complicated system of multilevel betting and involves usage of dice. The structure of bets in this game is quite complicated and requires you to apply certain strategic thinking. Yet it is widely recognized as the most interesting game of chance out there.

Roulette is a game in its own right – not directly linked to any other way of entertainment. It relies on mechanically primitive, but exquisitely furnished wheel which is supposed to deliver random results each time run. The payouts on Roulette can get as high as 35 to 1 and variations of the game (which include, among others, double zero variant) allow you to choose from a wide variety of options.

Slot is a selection of games all centered around the general principle of relying on the result of spinning a drum sectioned in different spinning discs. This type of games which are well known for providing a player with extra bonus in different forms – starting from free spins and including wild or free spins. You can expect a selection of fixed or so – called progressive jackpots. Traditionally the developers attempt to deliver you a scent of some well- known book, movie, comic story or adventure tale by adding relevant art on the spinning machine.

Video Poker is another wonderful development of the online gaming. It offers you a chance to experience a funny mix of pucker and slot machine. The extent of this mix gives a very broad field of maneuver for the game designer and therefore provide you with an opportunity to select a sophistication level of a particular game – from simple game like 4-Line Deuces Wild or a 50-payline game like Joker Poker.

Live Casino: the closest you can get to the imitation of the real casino games. The whole selection of different gaming instruments are delivered to you. These will include Roulette and Blackjack. It often gives you a chance to interact with a live dealer via the video connection or (more often) a chat. The data connection with the game base provides a realistic feel.

Arcade games – all the old-timers like DerbyDay, Bowlink, PoBingo and Keno are quite simple to master and give you a good chance to relax. The rules are typically quite easy and will not take a lot of time to understand. Yet on many occasions modern graphics and up – to date programming will deliver you a pretty good gaming experience.

Scratch Card – probably the easiest possible take on gambling, which only suggests you to scratch a symbol at a time in an attempt to hit a winning combination. The tempo of the game increases as you progress.

Approach to gaming and strategy

The matter of utmost importance when playing in online casino is keeping an eye on your money. There are numerous ways to organize the expenditure in order to obtain same result in respect to the in – game resources. This will need certain attention, but n heat of game you do need to be prepared beforehand.

Keep an eye on special offers and promo- actions. The thing is that on many occasions you can save a ton of money simply by looking at action offers and bonus programs provided by casinos. That is why it is really worth looking at what they send you to the e-mail and not just dumping those messages into a spam folder. Alternative (and probably more effective at times) way to search for these options would be to go through the options page where all the relevant offers are listed simultaneously.

Before starting a game check the limits on the limit table (upper and lower). This procedure will force you to reconsider the financial circumstances you are in and select the option wisely. When you are betting the understanding of number of bets per spin and other considerations (roll or deal) will matter significantly when setting coin levels and wagers. One time activation of multy-line Slot games, for instance, means placing multiple bets simultaneously.

For every particular game a separate selection of more and less profitable strategies. Before going in you are advised to look carefully through the available records of experienced players and analytics to understand what approaches offer best payoff. Plenty of advice on the matter is also available online which gives you a chance to select some approaches even before getting into the game. Certainly it is completely impossible to formulate beforehand a single best approach (at least because there are different variations on game rules within the same game).

One solution to this issue would be playing in a test mode (Practice mode). Thus is the best way to investigate the wat a game mechanics works and, on the other side, to test you approach before committing any funds to the game. To access this option you will need to activate so -called Practice account which runs (surprise) without real cash deposited.

Glossary of terminology

  • Bet Max – an option that, when activated, maximizes the number of active bets in game which is particularly useful in case of progressive jackpot.
  • Cashier – the sector of a resource where you can deposit money or get your cash out.
  • Cashout – an act of removing your earned rewards from the casino balance.
  • Deposit: the act of adding money to the personal account using the payment method you select;
  • In-game – every bit of game mechanics you are about to encounter;
  • Lobby – a sector of the web resource where you get access to the whole selection of the games avaialble;
  • Mobile gaming – games and applications you may engage via the mobile phone;
  • Online bonus – big balance provided to you by a casino;
  • Paytable – an interface which provides information on payouts of particular bets. Therefore you are able to make clear decisions.
  • Practice Play – a training mode which allows you to play online casino without commitment of real funds;
  • Promotion – specific offer delivered by your play provider in order to give you an incentive to play the game
  • Real money – a mode in which you are engaging the game mechanics betting with your balance deposited to the casino;
  • Refer a friend – a specific bonus added to your account if you are able to persuade someone to play the games for real money
  • Bonus – a gift provided to you by the administration of the playing resource;
  • VIP: a term describing the returning players who are offered benefits and bonuses and special loyalty programs;
  • Wager: a bet on a particular outcome of the game

Create an account and get the real thing going

If you want to have a real cash account opened it would be enough to click on Play For Real Money button and provide the data necessary for the account creation and proceed with the registration. The account is going to be instantly activated in most cases.

One last necessary action in this case would be making a deposit. There are different options for that starting with the regular Credit Card payments and including different prepaid cards, debit cards and electronic transaction platforms. Once the transaction is complete you can start playing.

Once again – please remember that your options and available in game values may be quite different from those you can achieve by simply pouring in your own money. Check the inbox and read carefully all the emails in it to see what different casinos have to offer you. Also inspect the special offer pages to check for any interesting updates they have not delivered to the mail.
A typical welcome bonus offer is able to provide you with the additional funding to help you start game and familiarize yourself with it.